Create The Ultimate Tinder Profile For Men™

Author: Mike Marvin

About this book:

Did you create a Tinder profile, but don’t quite get a lot of matches? Do your friends or coworkers constantly tell you about how they met this hot girl on Tinder and how they hooked up the other night? Are you tired of reading useless articles on how to improve your Tinder profile, with no success? Well, this book is definitely for you!

Today, more than ever, it’s extremely easy to meet new people from around the world. Actually, it’s just a few clicks away. In spite of all this digital “make anything easy” era, it’s also more and more difficult to actually get to meet these people in person. You have to stand from the crowd, you need to be special and to be able to also show it in your digital profile. You have to know what needs to be mentioned and what doesn’t, to be very picky with the pictures you choose to show on your profile, to know what to say about you.

This is a problem most men have, as they are not the best in creating visually attractive online profiles or honest, yet funny introductory texts. The above can actually be deal breakers and often you find that the real world feedback you receive is very positive (you are funny, good-looking, etc), yet online you somehow are not very successful. You don’t get a lot of matches, you are not very happy with the ones you get or you don’t even receive a reply for your message. Don’t worry, this happens to a lot of men out there. It’s very hard to replicate exactly who and how you are in a few pictures and lines of text. But this is about to change…

This ebook is for the men that want to step up their game, take action, get their Tinder profile to Expert level and finally get matches with the HOT girls, not the ugly ones!

LEAVE NOTHING TO CHANCE! Take your destiny in your own hands! We can help you upgrade your Tinder profile and tick all the visual triggers women are attracted to!

To ensure customer satisfaction and also how much we believe in the information in the book, we offer a 60-day return policy if you find the information in “Create The Ultimate Tinder Profile For Men” is not useful.  This guarantees you’re risking absolutely nothing!

Let us guess! When browsing through Tinder profiles, you are always looking at a girls butt or at her breasts. You always want to see a picture with her body, so you can figure if she has the body type you like, right? IT IS SCIENTIFICALLY proven that the Tinder triggers for men are breasts, butts, overall body and only after these are checked, the face is the final ticker on the list. Well, women have also triggers that draw their attention to certain men profiles.

Mike Marvin conducted an experiment which involved over 2000 women choose between hundreds of men dating profiles. Then he gathered all the data, analyzed it and was able to build THE ULTIMATE DATING PROFILE FORMULA for attracting women.

We dare you to make this experiment! Follow exactly the advice in this book, build your profile as described and then let it work for a few hours, let it be seen, let women give you the matches you deserve! After a few hours, swipe right like a king, only swipe right the girls of your dreams, not the B-players. Let the B-leaguers for the guys that were not fortunate enough to find this book! You will be amazed at how many matches you will get!


 Create The Ultimate Tinder Profile For Men™ 

About the author:

Mike Marvin is a pickup artist that has coached over 1000 men all over the world in order to raise their self-esteem, be more charismatic and overall raise their game at picking up and interacting with women. Mike himself started as a shy, introvert person and had a hard time dating girls. He then started studying “seduction science”, attend online coursed and local meetings with the pickup artist community, realizing that picking up is actually pure science. He then started to apply what he learned:

“At first it was very hard for me to approach a woman, as even if I knew opening lines and how to behave, I was still the same shy person I’ve always been. I also was skinny, so my physique wasn’t helping me a lot, either. In time I realized that most women are attracted to certain things and developed a pickup pattern that worked almost every time. Seeing this, I felt the need to help other men that encounter the same difficulties as I encountered. With social dating apps, such as Tinder, it’s even easier, as you only have to work once to create a good profile and this will eventually keep bringing you good results” – Mike Marvin


As a conclusion:

Create The Ultimate Tinder Profile For Men™ is a very comprehensive, straightforward and easy to follow guide to setting up a Tinder profile for men that will help them stand out and attract attention in a good way. It is easy to read and only contains essential tips and respecting all the steps in it will definitely upgrade a man’s Tinder account. Also, the tips in this book can be successfully applied to almost any non-professional social media account.


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